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Nurses Walk

Surgeon's Court, The Rocks, Sydney CBD

8 OCT 2021 - SEP 2022


Commissioned by Place Management NSW and The Rocks, and developed with Art Pharmacy, 'Nurses Walk' is a site specific public artwork within a series of art installations in different areas of the Rocks in Sydney's CBD. The overarching narrative of the installations, Revival and Renewal, was a guiding theme for the work. Taking cues from the architectural features of the historical Surgeons Court, the installation repeats motifs in positive and negative forms in bright and lively colours. The design emphasises the sense of passage through to Nurses Walk, named in reference to the former Sydney Hospital that was on this site between 1788 - 1816. The installation glows in different conditions, producing striking shadows, highlighting the play of coloured light both during the day and at night. Haley has created a vibrant experience, encouraging exploration and the discovery of a local place for all Sydneysiders.

Photo: Anna Kucera

EVER SUN - City Art Laneways

Wilmot St, Sydney CBD

January - July 2021


EVER SUN laneways with two accompanying live performances on 25 Jan & 11 Mar 2021, is one of four new City of Sydney Laneways commissions in Sydney’s CBD, Wilmot Street. EVER SUN is a large scale suspended installation that opens this public space to a sensitive play of light that changes constantly throughout the day, responding to the mood of the weather and natural environment. The artwork contributes an uplifting sense of colour, luminosity, passage, and hope for the city.


It was commissioned by the City of Sydney for the City Art Laneways program 2021, and originally commissioned by Performance Space for Liveworks 2020. 

Photo: Jessica Maurer 

Choreographers/Performers: Angela Goh & Ivey Wawn 

Performers: Patricia Wood, David Huggins, Alice Weber
Costume designer: Leah Giblin 

Studio Assistants: Sophie Lane, Lisa Myeong Joo Keighery, Ra Bull & Monika Cvitanovic


Performance Space, Carriageworks

21-25 October 2020


A newly commissioned work for Carriageworks' Public Space, presented by Performance Space for Liveworks Festival 2020

Ever Sun is a new painting and installation work that aims to tune the eye and mind to the constancy and change we experience with the rising and setting of the sun. The artist aims to open a space to be together, sensitively, in the public realm in a way that reminds us of the resilience, necessity and beauty of art. Taking cues from the surrounding architecture, archways of positive and negative forms are invitations to walk through the beaded veils, drawing our attention to the play of light reaching in across the day into the condensed colours of the sunset.

Photo: Jacquie Manning

ORA Veil

ORA Restaurant, Dank St, Waterloo

Dec 2021

Rochelle Haley was commissioned by Designer Kelly Ross on Behalf of Winning Appliances for ORA Restaurant to create a suspended veil / curtain of beaded acrylic discs 12 m wide.

“The curtain represents a veil or portal between two realities or timelines. One being the past and one, the future. It is an ephemeral device to speak to the dual nature of Japan de􀀁ned by both ancient history and a portal to future we do not recognise,” says Kelly Ross.

Photo: Sue Stubbs

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