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From Impulse To Action, Bundanon Museum

29 Jan 2022 - 12 Jun 2022


Commissioned for the inaugural exhibition From Impulse to Action at the new Bundanon Art Museum, Dance on a Couch by an Open Window (after Boyd) 2021 is an installation, performance and participatory artwork.  Two performances took place on 29 Jan 2022 & 28 May 2022 with collaborating choreographers / performers Angela Goh and Ivey Wawn, and performer Trish Wood.

Rochelle Haley, Dance on a couch by an open window (after Boyd), 2021, acrylic paint, beech timber, canvas, calico, cotton drill, fabric dye, crayon, pastel, ink, charcoal, feather down, magnets, rope, and performance. Costume designer: Leah Giblin. Choreographers/Performers: Angela Goh and Ivey Wawn. Fabricator: Kazu Quill. Photo: Zan Wimberley

Double Column, Double Veil

Looking at Painting, Casula Powerhouse

18 OCT 2021 - 23 JAN 2022


Double Column and Double Veil are installations commissioned for the curated exhibition Looking At Painting, Casula Powerhouse. The exhibition, catalogue and audio interviews feature esteemed Australian artists including NELL, CARMEN GLYNN-BRAUN, HAYLEY MEGAN FRENCH, JODY GRAHAM, ROCHELLE HALEY, KIRTIKA KAIN, CLAUDIA NICHOLSON, JUDY WATSON AND MS N YUNUPINGU.

Double Column and Double Veil are works comprising a wall mural and hand dyed suspended fringing, responsive to the Hopper Gallery architecture at the Casula Powerhouse. ‘Double Column’ replicates the scale and arrangement of existing structural gallery columns, and ‘Double Veil’ repeats negative doorway shapes in perspective at the entrance.

Photo: Chantel Bann 




Galerie pompom, Sydney

4 - 29 September 2019

Interval is a series of new abstract works by Rochelle Haley exploring the tension between concrete form and the pull of movement. The works comprising acrylic, dye and resin are made with an innovative technique of layering translucent and opaque pigments, building the illusion of represented depth into a material thickness. By transforming the surface of the abstract painting into a dimensional realm, Interval is able to suggest movement and depth beyond the flat picture plane. 


Photo: Docqment Photography & Document Photography. 

Marquetry Score

The John Fries Award finalist exhibition, UNSW Galleries

28 September - 3 November 2018


Marquetry Score was commissioned and exhibited as a finalist in the John Fries Award 2018. The work comprises a painting on board, wall mural, installation elements, a wearable soft sculpture and live performances (with Angela Goh) 28 Sep 2018 and 3 Nov 2018. Curator and artist Consuelo Cavaniglia says "Through the expansion of painterly forms onto walls, floors, and as freestanding elements in the space, Rochelle's work engages with architecture and invites the consideration of movement within space".

This project has been assisted by Copyright Agency Ltd. & The John Fries Award


Photo credit: Silversalt Photography & Document Photography. 

Bare Loggia

Galerie pompom, Sydney

10 May - 4 June 2017


Bare Loggia is a painting and installation exhibition exploring light, space and movement. The title refers to the architectural feature, ‘Loggia’, which describes an open gallery framed by pillars and arches, traditionally conducive to the passage of shaded strolls and lost thoughts. Haley’s resin paintings provide a corridor of light filled pauses along an installation of wall painting and reflective surfaces in nude tones, bronze and gold.


Photo credit: Jessica Maurer & Document Photography. Copyright and courtesy of the artist.


Galerie pompom, Sydney

1-27 June 2016


Flow is series of new resin paintings that explore ‘shallow depth’ of the material pictorial plane. The works were curated into the group show Solid Gold Easy Action, Galerie pompom, Sydney.


VIEW CATALOGUE: essay by Naomi Riddle.


Photo credits: Docqment Photography & Document Photography. 

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